The Gray Canary was born on a vision. From the very start, Chefs and owners Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman stayed true to a dream of a restaurant in Downtown Memphis that encompassed energy, excitement, and fire. From the raw bar to the hearth, The Gray Canary is full of surprises. With a cocktail menu built from scratch by our beverage director Nick Talarico and a wine list curated by our wine director and sommelier Ryan Radish, the drinks reflect adventure in the same way that the food and the atmosphere do, all working collectively to create an unforgettable dining experience.

The Gray Canary is located in The Old Dominick Distillery in the South Main Arts District of Downtown Memphis. Our culinary team brings together Chefs Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman with long time Executive CDC Ryan Jenniges and Gray Canary CDC, Bailey Patterson, and Sous, Chef Kevin Gibson. The hospitality team is led by general manager, Nick Talarico, and assistant general manager, Adarion Bivins, long time employees of the restaurant group.

The Gray Canary hopes to add to the renaissance of downtown Memphis. Stepping into The Gray Canary, we hope to create a captivating experience, cementing a moment in time, a memory of meal painted in vivid colors. The menu explores the way in which cooking techniques can influence flavor, from raw to cooked, acids to smoking, grilling to one pot cooking, and the way ash and embers can coax flavor from produce and proteins. Our chefs will experiment with techniques as diverse as South American asado cooking and as familiar as a backyard barbecue. The guest experience will begin with a raw bar, which offers the best gulf, east and west coast sustainable oysters and raw, sashimi-style fish, then extends to the wood fire kitchen where our chefs cook food that is fun, exciting and powerful. From small plates, to vegetable focused dishes, to large format protein, to soft serve, the meal will nourish the soul while exciting the palate.

team canary: